Venha passar un bon momento, disfrutar da boa música e da nossa tradicional cozinha...
Empadinhas de queijo
Empadinhas de camarao
Pao de queijo
Croquetes de peixe
Croquetes de mandioca

Fast food:
Pastel (red meat, chicken, cheese pie)
Cachorro Quente (hot dog with sauce and paille fries)
Cheese Burger (burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato and fried eggs)
Cheese fritas (burger with all the ingredients and french fries)
Cheese frango (chicken burger)

Acarajé (ball made of a beans pastry and filled with a shrimp and herbs mixture)
Frango a passarinho (fried chicken slices with green salad)
Queijo a milanesa (fried muzzarella cheese dices)
Casquinha de siri (crab meat gratiné)
Carne de sol acebolada (meat de sol with onions sauce. With mandioca flour)
Peixe frito ( a whole fried fish with green salad)
Ostras gratinadas (gratiné oysters)
Batata frita (fried sweet potatoes)
Polenta frita (fried corn flour)
Salada mixta (mix of vegetables salad: lettuce, tomato, onion)
Salada completa (complete mix salad: lettuce, tomato, onion, boiled egg and carrot)
camarao alho e oleo (shrimps in a garlic-oil sauce)
Bolinho de vacalhau (little codfishball)

Main Course:
( black beans with red meat, pork and sausage accompanied by rice, cabbage and mandioca flour)
Bobó de camarao ( shrimps with dende palm oil enriched with mandioca accompanied by rice)
Moqueca de peixe (white salmon salmón blanco with dende palm oil, coconut milk, shrimps and herbs. Accompanied by rice)
Strogonoff (red meal or chicken knife sliced in pink sauce accompanied by rice and paille french fries)
Frango xadrez (chicken slices, green and red pepper and chestnuts. Accompanied by rice)
Camarao ao chuchu (shrimps in a casserole with cayote sauce. Accompanied by rice)
Virado a paulista (pork chops with fried eggs, smashed beans and cabbage)
Moqueca de camarao (spiced shrimps in a casserole with dende palm oil and coriander. Accompanied by rice)
Bife a gaucho (beef, rice, french fries and vinaigrette)
Farofia (red meat dices with onion and mandioca flour. Accompanied by rice)
Vatapa (fish paste with dende palm oil, coriander, shrimps and rice)
Arrumadhino (tape beans with creole sauce, fried mandioca, dried meat and rice)
Bisteca com pure (pork chop with smashed potatoes)
Prato feito nordestino (noodles, mandioca flour, beans and fried chicken slices)
Prato feito carioca (rice, black beans, fried eggs and mandioca flour)

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