Venha passar un bon momento, disfrutar da boa música e da nossa tradicional cozinha...

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We open our doors to bring you a little bit of our culture, a culture so rich in its variety which includes a mixture of aboriginal, afroamerican and european roots. beyond a long way of trials, we brought us together and we participate of what we call nowadays the "cidadao brasileiro".

Some of us left our beloved country for different reasons, leaving there at the same time, our families and people we love. to start once again in another country with different cultures and folklore.

we met new people, we reached to love them just to feel we have a new family. it is hard to look back, but we never forget our "brazil".
that is why "Me Leva Brasil " was born, to "matar a saudade" (kill the homesickness) of each 'cidadao' living abroad and also it is dedicated to any other person who wants to enjoy "uma boa musica e uma boa feijoada como uma caipirinha" that must not be missing.

So... don't waste your time, you know there is a place in Palermo with brazilian vibes, don't be afraid to come and meet us. we are waiting for you in Costa Rica street 4488 !!!

Me Leva Brasil - Resto Bar
Costa Rica 4488 - Palermo Viejo - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Phone: (011) - 4832-4290